Automatic Backwash Filter

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64 Automatic Self-Cleaning filter for large enginesMarine

The high performance filter automatic Type 6.64 is used primarily for the filtration of large quantities of liquid fuel, - lubricants, coolants and alkaline cleaners. The back flush function and the filter flush function proceed from each other and without interrupting the process. The regeneration will be supported by a compressed air system. The system pressure remains constant.

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BOLL FILTRATOR Type 8.64/8.72 Fine filtration for low pressure systemsMarine

The BOLL FILTRATOR effectively removes cat fines from HFO MDO and fuel oils
The BOLL FILTRATOR Type 8.64/8.72 is particularly suitable for removal of catalytic fines (CAT Fines) from HFO MDO and fuel oils generally.
Targeting particles in the 5 to 10 micron range it helps reduce wear thus increasing reliability of components such as pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, injection pumps, nozzles and measurement/control equipment.

Advantages of the BOLL FILTRATOR Type 8.64/8.72
Operating costs are reduced
Optimum performance of the engines is guaranteed

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.03 AOT The 2-in-1 solution for water filtration, backwashable and with UV disinfectionMarine

The 2-in-1 system for water filtration and disinfection
Besides of being contaminated with particules, industrial water which is heated or cooled is also often contaminated with potentially harmful microorganisms.

The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.03 AOT offers a combined solution for water treatment. Two stages in one unit ensuring an efficient continuous filtration as well as the disinfection of the filtrate.

The concept of the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.03 AOT
The filtration stage is maintenance-free with automatic backwash boosted by a vortex compressed air system.

The disinfection stage is effected without any chemical additives (biocides) by means of photocatalysis, the AOT-method (Advanced Oxidation Technology).
To make the photocatalysis procedure possible, the surface of the filter element in the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.03 AOT is coated with a catalyst.
When this surface is exposed to UV light, reactive radicals are formed, which oxidise the impurities contained in the water.

Applications of the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.03 AOT
The filter is used for the filtration of cooling water, washing water, effluent, irrigation water, domestic water or hotel-swimming pools.

A further application is in the drinking industry for tunnel pasteurisers, where the BOLLFILTER filters and disinfects the warm water used to pasteurise drinks like juice or beer.

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Ballast Water Filter BOLLFILTER Automatic Self-Clean Type 6.18.3, online backwashingMarine

Ballast water management system is obligatory on ships
Treatment of the ballast water should prevent further invasive pollution of the coastal installations due to foreign water organisms that threaten the marine ecosystems.

Protection of the ballast water treatment system
Aggressive seawater, tenacious adhering organic particles and mussel growth, inside and outside the ballast-water treatment systems affect their optimum functionality. Through reliable prefiltration, using the BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.18.3, solid protection for the ballast water system is ensured.

Cost savings through a fully automatic filter
Due to automatic backflushing, perfect regeneration of the filter mesh is ensured. The filter, operating fully automatic, conforms to the regulations of unsupervised operation on ships. A continuous series with different sizes of housing and nominal connection widths, permit adapted dimensioning of the ballast water filter to individual circumstances.

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.21/6.22 Cost-effective fuel oil filterMarine

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.21 has been especially designed for the filtration of lower and continuous filtration volumes of liquid fuels. The filter operates predominantly for the protection of diesel injection pumps. When required, the media is cleaned one segment at a time by a rotating backflush unit, without interrupting the filtration process. The working pressure remains almost constant and the flushing volumes are extremely low. The filter can optionally be equipped with a heating medium connection on the bottom of the housing and with a bypass filter.

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aquaBoll® Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filter, backwashable strainer with adaptive filter elementsMarine

BOLLFILTER aquaBoll® Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filter
The aquaBoll® automatic filter series significantly increases the overall plant efficiency of your specific application through optimized functionality and novel adaptability.

Challenges in water and sea water filtration
The challenges of flexibility, efficiency and adaptability are solved through a failsafe platform concept. The individuality and performance of the aquaBoll® filter is based on a novel platform concept, which is realized by a multi-part housing with wide adaptive possibilities – and all that in the smallest space. Filter elements and variable connection-flange positions are essential components for optimal adaptation of the automatic filter for your specific filtration requirements.

BOLLFILTER aquaBoll® in your specific application
The aquaBoll® automatic filter is especially capable of handling demanding situations and the toughest conditions. Complex filtration processes can be mastered in every application by the special properties and functions. The standardized multiple platform concept ensures low acquisition costs and high flexibility. The compact design allows easy access to all relevant components. Thus, commissioning and maintenance expenses are reduced considerably. Service speeds are significantly improved due to easy access and increased availability of standardized components. The combination of innovative design, high-quality components and a long service life allows for a cross-sectoral approach. This leads to a sustainable increase in water quality. The backwashable strainer aquaBoll® is thus able to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries with unprecedented efficiency.

Various application areas of the BOLLFILTER aquaBoll®
Sea Water Applications
Marine Filtration - Ballast Water
Maritime Filtration - Exhaust Scrubber
Maritime Fltration - FSRU
Maritime Filtration - Injection Water
Maritime Filtration - Reverse Osmosis
Maritime Filtration - Wellboats

Water Applications
Pulp & Paper
Sewage Treatment
Snow Production
Steel Making - Continuous Casting
Steel Making - Rolling Mill
Water Treatment - Potable Water
Power Plant - Hydro Power Plant
Power Plant - Offshore Windparks
Power Plant - Steam Turbines

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