Automatic Backwash Filter

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.72 Standard fuel oil automatic self-cleaning filterMarine

The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.72 has been specifically designed for smaller flow rates. Its task is the filtration of lubricating and fuel oils. The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.72 is specifically designed to provide fine filtration down to 6 microns. It is also possible for a fuel filter to incorporate a bypass filter with manually operated 2 stage 3 way switch over valve to give 100% operation security.

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04 Automatic Backflushing Filter, Self-Cleaning Strainer for low flow volumesMarine

Liquid filtration for low flow volumes
The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.04 is an automatic backflushing filter which is used to protect low flow plant systems such as nozzles or valves and ensures that the required level of filtration is maintained to avoid rapid blocking and unnecessary wear.

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04 is ideal for the filtration of cooling lubricants, machine cooling water, washing water, cleaning water, spray water, irrigation water or industry and process water.

Advantages of the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04
The "plug & play" solution used by the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04 is immediately operational as a full module including the electronic control unit.
The filter is designed with few components to guarantee easy access to the internal backwash unit with minimum wearing parts resulting in minimal maintenance.
High technical quality with low capital layout and low operating costs makes the BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.04 a sensible investment for the long term protection of your machine and plant systems.

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Backwashing Filter, Self-Cleaning Strainer welded Type 6.18Marine

Automatic backflushing filter for treatment of industrial water
The economic operation of technical systems in which large quantities of cooling water are used or accrued in open or closed circuits, service water and waste water, places the highest requirements on the filtration of the liquid. The water filters used here must

due to precision, ensure a defined degree of purity of the liquid to be treated,
due to reliability, ensure operation of the complete system is not interrupted and disrupted
due to no maintenance and long service times, assist in keeping the operating costs low.
Self-cleaning backflushing filter system
The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 optimally fulfils these requirements of an industrial water filter. With its unique bipolar operation in the filter and backflushing mode, it sets standards in water filtration. Due to its self-cleaning backflushing system and low maintenance costs, it is ideally suitable for operation in continuously operating systems – also in remote areas or without personnel on site.

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.2 Heavy Duty, Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer, Backwashing FilterMarine

Filtration of water with very high particle contamination
The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.18.2 Heavy Duty is a backwashing self-cleaning filter, which has been designed for filtering water with high particle contamination. Typical fields of application for this BOLLFILTER are non-prefiltered river water and highly fibre-laden process water.

Function of the BOLLFILTER Automatic 6.18.2
The principle behind it: Dual filtration, dual flushing!

The proven principle of dual filtration (where cross and counterflow backflushing is generated) has been supplemented by an efficient dual backflush function. The elements are open at both ends allowing the water to flow through from each end. Due to their length and increased diameter, their filter surface area is especially large.

Advantages of the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.2
High performance in high particle contaminated applications
Defined filtration degree
Low operating cost due to low maintenance and long service life

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Backwashable, Self Cleanable Filter, Strainer Type 6.19 with external flushing supplyMarine

Automatic backflushing water filter with external medium
The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.19 is used for the same application as the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 with the difference that it is especially designed for low pressure systems below 16 bar. The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.19 uniquely includes a connection for external medium backflush to assist by low pressure applications with water.

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.48 Efficient continuous backflushing automatic filterMarine

Lube oil quality
To ensure smooth operation of diesel engines and generators, the quality of the lubricating oil is the key factor in maximising service life and minimising operating costs.

Optimised cleaning concept of the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.48
The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.48 is a so-called continuous flushing device. It does not require any external energy source and are designed maintenance-free. The flushing device is constantly rotated by the oil flowing through the turbine wheel installed at the filter inlet. The candle elements are backflushed using the engine oil pressure.

Due to the continuous cross and counter-current backflushing, the best possible cleaning of the filter candles is ensured at all times. A secondary filter screen and overflow valves also ensure safety of the entire system.

Diesel engines and generators are thus reliably protected against wear caused by contaminated lubricating oil.

The housing of the automatic filter is made of ductile cast iron and is available in various sizes and nominal diameters. This filter type can be easily adapted to special customer requirements. Special housing shapes for mounting on an engine or on a module can be implemented in the shortest time possible at your request. The design allows both vertical and horizontal operation.

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