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Star-pleated Filter ElementMarine


Star Sieves for Simplex and Duplex Filters

Star sieves are used in Simplex and Duplex filters for the filtration of liquids. Thus, the use of the sieve forms the core of the liquid filter. It consists of a support body and filter mesh that is pulled over it. Water, oil, lubricants or liquid fuel flow through the filter element from the outside to the inside, thus, dirt particles are filtered out by the filter medium, the cleaned liquid is discharged from the star-pleated filter element and returned to the system.

Benefits of a Star-pleated Filter

Due to the pleating of the existing stainless-steel, wire mesh filter material, the star-pleated filter element features a large filter area with the smallest diameter. That enables widely dispersed cleaning intervals and the use of fine sieve mesh with only a low pressure loss. Star-pleated filter elements attain a filter fineness of 10 to 250 microns.