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Star-pleated Filter ElementMarine



Benefits of a Star-pleated Filter
Due to the pleating of the existing stainless-steel, wire mesh filter material, the star-pleated filter element features a large filter area with the smallest diameter. That enables widely dispersed cleaning intervals and the use of fine sieve mesh with only a low pressure loss. Star-pleated filter elements attain a filter fineness of 10 to 250 microns.

Technical data

Simplex filter types 1.12.2, 1.78.1/1.58.1, BFB-P
Duplex filter types 2.04.5, BFD, BFD-P
Automatic filter types
Filtration grades from/to 10 µm - 250 µm (for types 1.12.2, 2.04.5: 10 µm - 150 µm)
Filter media stainless steel wire mesh
Magnetic insert optional
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Cleaning / replacement manual cleaning