Duplex Filter

BOLLFILTER Duplex BFD-C/P Double Block and BleedMarine

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Double filter for the separation of solids & aerosols (liquid components)
from gases. Thanks to the Double Block and Bleed main recirculation
valve, this filter ensures a particularly high level of operational reliability.
up to DN 200 (further on request)
- Disposable cartridge made of glass

fiber fleece /stainless steel* Optional with Demister or Zyklon-Demister
Filter fineness
0.1 microns - 250 microns
working pressure
> 500 bar (depending on size and temperature)
Housing material
- Steel (St 45-8 / A106B)
- Stainless steel (1.4404 / 316L)
- Weld-free
General accessories and
optional equipment
1.) Connecting
Flexible connection options e.B. flanged, NPT, welding ends, ball valves,
needle valves
2.) Instruments
Differential pressure connections as well as

optical and optical / electrical differential pressure measurement
systems 3.) Materials
filter available

on request in duplex or super duplex 4.) Optional equipment
Lid lifting swivel
Special accessories for gas
Pre-separator for liquid reduction / Cyclone and

Zyklon-Demister filter in addition to

standard also

available in


and superduplex (on request) Level measurement systems Magnet level
indicator Sight glasses Adaptable fluid reservoir for storing the
deposited liquid