Automatic Filters

BOLLFILTER type BFDIndustrial


Operational area
Filtration of lubricating oil
Nominal coupling flange
25 – 150 mm, ANSI 1“-6“
Operating temperature
max. 120 °C / 248 °F
Housing material
Ductile iron, cast steel, cast stainless steel
Maximum flow rate
3500 lpm / 925 gpm (US)
Filter elements
pleated filter elements (fibre glass or stainless steel mesh) or filter candles with stainless steel mesh
Max filter fineness
1 Micron
Element collapse pressure
10 bar / 145 psi

The requirements laid down for a modern double filter are optimised in the design of the new BFD as a result of the versatile concept. In addition, the BFD series combines the utmost levels of economy with operational safety, thanks to:

  • Innovative detailed solutions
  • Flexible, tailor made modular construction
  • Functionality that sets new standards

With 60 variants and the available housing materials (ductile iron, cast steel or stainless steel), the BFD series provides a flexible filter solution. The flexibility of the BFD series is enhanced by compliance with the requirements of:

  • AD 2000
  • PED/DGRL 97/23/EG
  • API 614 and
  • U-stamp