Automatic Backwash Filter

Ballast Water Filter BOLLFILTER Automatic Self-Clean Type 6.18.3, online backwashingMarine


Flange Connection
DN 200 - DN 900 / 20" - 36"
Automatic self-cleaning pre-filtration of sea-water, for the protection of ballast water treatment systems
Filter element
Cylindrical candles open at both ends; mesh made of super duplex
Grade of filtration
optional 30 µm, 40 µm or 50 µm
Backflushing medium
internal medium
Pressure stage
up to DN 600: PN 10 ; from DN 700: PN 6
Filter housing
- up to DN 400: nodular cast iron
- from DN 500: carbon steel
Filter candle: cylindrical element open at both ends with hydrodynamic
alternately backflushing with two flushing arms
Fine sieve cylinder: slotted backwash device.